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As you know, we are in the midst of an evolving situation with the spread of the coronavirus in this country. We are all working diligently to keep parents and children calm and protected during this time of uncertainty.

Recognizing that training is very important and face-to-face training is almost impossible under current guidelines and restrictions from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and state and local government leaders, we wanted to remind you about the discounted online training available through our partnership with ProSolutions Training.

This online training is easy to access and available 24/7. Teachers can continue to meet their professional development training requirements. Please visit for a list of discounted online course offerings.

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Training Courses

Thursday, April 14th 6:00pm
Preventing Challenging Behaviors: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!
The environment a teacher creates, paired with her knowledge of the children in her care, can prevent many challenging behaviors in young children. Teachers who create positive social environments find that children more easily develop the social-emotional skills they need to succeed. This session focuses on modifications teachers can make in six key areas of the environment that will prevent and reduce conflict that leads to challenging behaviors. Taught by Michelle Jones, HSB Specialist. 2 DCDEE contact hours

Tuesday, May 3rd 6:00pm
Partnering with Families to Address Challenging Behaviors: We Are All in this Together!
When a child uses challenging behaviors at school, parents and teachers need to work together to address the issue. However, when discussing behavior problems parents often feel blamed by the teachers and teachers often feel unsupported by the parents. This session focuses on developing strategies and skills to make these conversations more productive for everyone...especially the child! Participants will learn how to set the stage for and successfully conduct these difficult conversations with parents. Taught by Michelle Jones, HSB Specialist. 2 DCDEE contact hours

Thursday, May 12th 6:00pm
All About ITERS
This session will be an overview of the Infant-Toddler Environment Rating Scale (ITERS). This course will discuss how the scales measure quality and findings from research, scale requirements, when to use the scales, how scoring works, and observation procedures. Taught by Tonya McCall, IT Specialist. 2 DCDEE contact hours,

Tuesday, May 12th 6:00pm
Resiliency in Early Childhood Education
Child care is an essential field of work that causes stress and little time for self-care. During this uplifting presentation, you will learn about being resilient and ways to nurture yourself. Taught by Dr. Sharon Little, Program Coordinator Early Childhood at South Piedmont Community College. 2 DCDEE contact hours. Free to attend. RSVP by 4/29/22.

Thursday, June 23rd 6:00pm
Developmentally Appropriate Behavior: But, I’m Supposed to Act Like This!
Children use many different kinds of behavior as they grow and test their skills. Some of these behaviors, although appropriate for their developmental age, are still very challenging for teachers. This session focuses on understanding when children can be expected to acquire certain social-emotional skills and guides participants toward understanding, respecting and responding to developmentally appropriate behaviors. Taught by Michelle Jones, HSB Specialist. 2 DCDEE contact hours.

Monday, June 20th 6:00pm
Child Care Rules Review
Review of the licensing laws, rules, regulations, and policies required for operating a child care facility in North Carolina. Taught by Michell Kocan, DCDEE Consultant. Free to attend. 2 DCDEE contact hours. All Richmond County child care employees are highly encouraged to attend.