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Early Learning Resources

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Resources to help support your family and community during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has left us all in situations far beyond normal. In this time of anxiety and stress, there is a lot of expectation that parents should be and do more as they potentially spend more of their daily hours with their children. Amidst mounting pressure to schedule a full day of developmentally appropriate and enriching activities, we believe the core truths of LENA still apply: early talk is key, and caregivers are the secret sauce.

Whatever situation caregivers find themselves in, interaction with children matters. Caregivers have the power to shape a child’s experience of this time and tuning in to their feelings and being responsive is at the core of that. If you are working with families looking for guidance on the basic building blocks of positive interactions, here are some resources to help them stay focused on emotional support and back-and-forth interactions:

Download: The 14 Talking Tips
Video: Increasing Words & Turns Using Songs & Rhymes
Blog post: Engaging resilience: How responsive caregiving lays the foundation for children to thrive

Webinar tomorrow: Join us at 11 a.m. MT/1 p.m. ET for a conversation on supporting FCC providers and integrating professional development opportunities into statewide systems. We'll be joined by Lisa Matter from Colorado's Expanding Quality in Infant and Toddler Care Initiative and Julia Brink from Triad Early Childhood Council. Register here.

What we're reading:

Stress, Resilience, and the Role of Science: Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic from Harvard Center on the Developing Child
Coronavirus News & Resources for Child Care Professionals, Families and Policymakers from Child Care Aware of America
Coronavirus Tips for Families from Zero to Three

How can we help?

What are some of the challenges that your organization is experiencing during COVID-19? How can we help? Please let us know what we can do or just share what you're experiencing. Reply to this email with your comments or to schedule a time to talk. We're here to listen!

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Online Clinical and Supportive Resources

Everything from pregnancy to kids' health

Free ebooks for children:

2020 Kids: Building Racial Equity in Child Advocacy is a virtual conference and a rich opportunity to connect with other child advocates and learn new skills for change. This conference is 100% online. Attendance is FREE.

Learn more and register for the conference here: Register

What: 2020 Kids: Building Racial Equity in Early Childhood Advocacy

When: Tuesday, August 4th and Wednesday, August 5th

Where: Zoom videoconference

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